Character Sketches

I draw characters to help me figure out what they look like and envision scenes. Most of my character sketches are very old, attached to abandoned projects, and/or of terrible quality. Very old drawings are mixed in with newer ones–some are more than 20 years old. It’s a hodgepodge of amateur art by a writer just trying to visualize.

But you can browse them here if that’s interesting to you.

Hover over a thumbnail to see captions. Click for art details, descriptions, and dates.

From Short Stories:

From novelĀ In Bloom:

From novel ace of arts:

From novel Stupid Questions:

From novel Joint Custody:

From novel Finding Mulligan:


From novel Bad Fairy:

Bad Fairy Chapter concept sketches:

Bad Fairy Tarot:

From novel The House That Ivy Built:

Negative One Gallery:

(I do a webcomic now about these characters which is ongoing, but it has an offsite gallery on its webcomic page. Here are a few of the better ones.)

Pencil Sketches:

COLOR Sketches:


Character Magnets: