April 2004

April 2004

December 2003: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: An unlikely encounter: Kelly meets Ivy and Thursday in a mall bathroom. –THTIB #2

Explanation: Ivy thought it’d be a fine idea to take Thursday to the movies since he never gets to see the world, but a little mishap occurs when she leaves him alone a moment to go to the bathroom. Luckily, though she takes a liking to Thursday, little Kelly doesn’t seem intent on keeping him.

IVY TRIVIA: In this scene, Kelly refers to Thursday as a “fairy boy.” Actually she’s not far off. Many of the characters of THTIB came from sort of alternate dimensions, and Thursday’s is a reality that shares a border with ours. Crossovers happen more often between adjacent worlds, and Thursday’s race is responsible for many of our world’s beliefs about “the little people.”

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