Song Drawings

I like to draw music. I put on an album and draw each song on the album, right in a row without stopping until the album is over. That means each drawing took me however long the song is, no more, no less. Choose one of these albums to go to its page and see my drawings.


Paint the Sky With Stars

Desert Vision

Nine Objects of Desire


Tips on the process:

I like to know how long each song is so that I know how long I have to draw. I never draw for longer than the song and I make sure that I continue drawing for the whole song, so that the picture has just as much stuff as the song has. It’s really hard sometimes because some songs are really deep and complex but really short. I just have to work fast or use abstract symbols in those cases. I make sure that I have all my drawing supplies (paper, pencils, markers, clipboard, et cetera) nearby before I begin. I like to have lots of doodling materials so that I can represent different things with different textures. I also like to use different colored paper, because it’s easier to cast a mood that way in a drawing than with plain white paper. Try it yourself!