March 2004

March 2004

December 2003: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: “Everybody, this is Monique!” –THTIB #5

Explanation: Ivy, interested in learning what regular people know about the unexplained, begins meeting with this group of girls. Monique has been touted as an expert in such things by the others, and now the group meets her for the first time. Pictured characters are (right to left) Ivy, Crys, Natalie, Monique, Gloria, Abby, and Brenda.

IVY TRIVIA: Monique sure is spooky, isn’t she? Well, she thinks so. As Ivy finds out in the course of her interaction with these people, the human mind wants to believe in many things that are untrue, especially if it has to do with one’s own abilities. In short, Monique is full of shit, and her image is sustained mainly by her fantastic ability to win favor with lies built on her charisma.

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