December 2000

December 2000

December 1999: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: December: Ivy & Charlotte in front of the tree, many years ago. . . .

Explanation: Charlotte, Miss Margaret’s daughter, poses like a doll next to the gleeful child Ivy. They’re wearing Santa hats and sitting in front of the tree in the spirit of the holiday. Ivy is three or four here while Charlotte is five. This is only one photo of many that are in Miss Margaret’s Christmas album. (A photograph discussed in THTIB #2, chapter 7)

IVY TRIVIA: Miss Margaret honestly thought Ivy was a magical spirit of some sort because of her elf-like features and her unusual abilities. She could already fly at this age; actually, she took her first flight around age one and a half, and other things were flying long before that (before she was a week old). Incidentally, this photo was taken during the window of her life when she had no name. She wasn’t yet named Ivy and she didn’t know her birth name.

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