February 2000

February 2000

December 1999: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: February: The uninvited bath-buddy

Explanation: After Ivy’s done her laundry, she takes a bath in an outdoor pool. It’s a nice night and she is enjoying the weather until Zeke decides to join her. She is not pleased by this unwelcome company, though it has nothing to do with modesty issues. In Ivy’s world, invaders are not well-received. (From THTIB #2, chapter 3)

IVY TRIVIA: There are many freshwater pools where Ivy lives. When Ivy was a child, she made a game of finding a different bathing site every day for as long as it entertained her; as a result, she now knows the locations of a great many freshwater pools, some of which are over fifty miles from her home.

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