January 2000

January 2000

December 1999: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: January: Sunday afternoon: The house that Ivy built

Explanation: This could be just about any day at Ivy’s house. There is not always a great deal to do in an isolated house with no electricity. As a result, the residents often spend their time just relaxing, sharing time together, if there is nothing pressing to do. Pictured characters: Bradleigh, sleeping on a pillow; Peyton, busily braiding; Zoe, lying on Peyton’s lap; Miki, talking with Ivy; Tab, sleeping under a blanket; Perry, daydreaming on a pillow; and, of course, Ivy, patiently listening.

IVY TRIVIA: At its greatest occupance, the house that Ivy built was home to twenty residents. It has thirteen bedrooms and only one bathroom. It is based on a design for a college dormitory, and though the common area is often used for socialization (as seen above!), the rooms are often used as separate residences, until, of course, it is dinnertime.

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