July 2001

July 2001

December 2000: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: July: “Is Bailey Going to School Now?”

Explanation: After convincing Bailey to give school a shot, Ivy helps her pseudo-sister prepare for junior high. Tab and Nina walk in, and this sets Tab off on a tantrum, since she desperately wants to experience life “outside” as well. –THTIB #2

IVY TRIVIA: Though Tab would very much like to attend school, she would never make it if she ever managed to go. If she hadn’t been “tamed” as a little girl, she would probably act a lot wilder, a bit like a wild animal, and the natural instincts she has to pounce and attack would cause major problems in school. On top of that, for some reason Tab’s brain doesn’t work like a human’s and she can barely process written language, though she can do math. No one knows about her reading disability except Adele. She pretends she can read just fine and can fake it convincingly.

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