August 2000

August 2000

December 1999: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: August: All’s fair in pranks and war . . . with some minor exceptions.

Explanation: One of the major plots of THTIB #2 involves Ivy and Bailey’s prank war. Two professional pranksters take each other on for the title . . . but they don’t prank each other (at least, not for points). Their pranks are on the unwitting public. SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY! Somebody tell Ivy that destroying part of the mall isn’t funny.

IVY TRIVIA: Everyone in the house knows that Bailey has a particular beef with Ivy’s leaving footprints on the ceiling. The reason behind her pet peeve is not what most suspect, though. Ivy insists that Bailey is jealous, because the footprints are a reminder that Ivy can do something she can’t. The little-known reason, however, is that Bailey likes to look at the ceiling at night and imagine movies, and the footprints are smudges on her screen.

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