September 2000

September 2000

December 1999: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: September: Shedding A Light. . . .

Explanation: Ivy sheds a literal light and Zeke contributes the light of knowledge. In a house with no electricity, flashlights are necessary if one is going to do homework after dark. Here, Zeke assists Ivy with her pre-algebra homework, pleased to be useful and to have one realm where he is clearly Ivy’s master. Ivy does not appreciate being humbled and is also rather bored, but she has no choice but to take his advice. It’s the only help she can get. (From THTIB #2, chapter 8)

IVY TRIVIA: Zeke has always been extremely interested in Ivy, and not just because she is a good science experiment. He’s intrigued by her somehow, and even though he really doesn’t want to be, he goes with it. He tries a variety of strategies to gain her favor: Impressing her, teasing her, using psychology, and, God forbid, being honest. And as an aside, his measured IQ is 179 and his actual first given name is Ezekiel.

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