May 2000

May 2000

December 1999: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: May: An adventure begins. . . .

Explanation: Adele and Ivy use pebbles to figure out what paths to follow. In most cases Adele does this sort of thing by herself, but often when she is seeking a specific person joined to a place, she has a much easier time when Ivy helps her put the pebbles in order at once rather than one by one. An adventure invariably begins after one of these sequences.

IVY TRIVIA: Adele was the only mother Ivy knew for a very long time, but she had two mothers before her: Miss Margaret (a lady with a bakery and a daughter in New York) and, of course, her birth mother. . . . Adele raised Ivy expertly with all discipline being purely psychological; this was not only kind, but necessary, considering spanking Ivy would probably rank on the all-time top ten list of BAD IDEAS.

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