September 2002

September 2002

December 2001: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: Ivy and Julia hit it off.

Explanation: At one of Ruben’s parties, Ivy meets some of the tech crew who will later work with her on Ruben’s new play Imagination. Here, Julia gives Ivy a hard time for being the new person in the crew, and expresses a total lack of confidence in Ivy’s ability to do a good job on the special effects for the show. Here they butt heads for the first time, but not the last.

IVY TRIVIA: Though Ivy’s talent singles her out, she tends to feel inadequate because she is the only one of this group who didn’t have to work hard on her ability. She has a paradoxical jealousy of others’ “extraordinary” abilities, and though she is willing to work hard on developing some of her more mundane talents, she will always feel as though the only ability anyone cares about is one she didn’t even earn. This will cause frustration for her all through her life.

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