August 2004

August 2004

December 2003: Pen and Colored Pencils.

Caption: “She’s flying.” –THTIB #0

Explanation: In the early days before the house that Ivy built, Alix, Adele, Weaver, and Dax observe the child that Adele has just brought to live with them. The men in the group don’t know what to think when their new charge suddenly begins chasing the birds in a rather unusual way. (Adele, of course, expected this to happen.)

IVY TRIVIA: When Adele wanted to join the group, Alix was intrigued by her but opposed to her living with them long term; to use his words, “You let a woman live with you and soon enough you have to deal with children.” This proved true, though not in the usual sense. Ivy turned out to be as much help as she was hindrance–an awful lot of both.

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