The Memory of Trees

Memory of Trees

The beginning of this song (as well as the rest of it) sounded very calming, so I picked a green sheet of paper. I colored on my fingers with a purple marker and touched the paper, then did it some more with brown. I began smearing ink around on the page, and realized it looked like a tree. I hadn’t meant to make it look like a tree, exactly, but then I noticed that the title of this song was “The Memory of Trees,” and as I had no lyrics to go on I set about making it look more like a tree, with a trunk in brown. I dragged some purple wind-like lines across it, sort of like it was fading or blowing away. The undefined quality of the finger-smeared ink made it look like a ghost or a memory. I was very surprised by how appropriate this was for the song considering I hadn’t intended it at the beginning. Because of this and its unique technique, this drawing is my favorite on the album.

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