This one’s another abstract one. It had a sort of marching feel, hence the two lines of periodic dots in the middle. There is a very “heavenly” sounding verse that is a bit different from the rest of the song; that’s represented by the weird cloudlike formation around everything. The rest was just basically spur-of-the-moment decisions on what to draw and what I felt like . . . at the end I remember drawing the little smoke-like part at the top that looks like it’s curling toward heaven. I’m not sure why I drew that but I like it.


Amharc, mná ag obair lá ‘s mall san oích,
Ceolann siad ar laetha geal, a bhí,
Bealach fada anonn ‘s anall a chóich.
(In Irish Gaelic, that translates as:)
Look, women working by day and late at night,
They sing of bright days that were,
A long way back and forth forever.

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