A very literal interpretation of “time is burning,” don’t you think? Clocks are on fire around the tombstone. This tombstone isn’t yet marked because the person who owns it hasn’t died yet. It is planted in the future, though, because time is always burning . . . and time will also tell how long it stands up to the elements.


I like a tombstone ’cause it
Weathers well
And if it stands or if it crumbles
Only time will tell
If you carve my name in marble
You must cut it deep
There’ll be no dancing on the gravestone
You must let me sleep
And time is burning burning burning
It burns away
I don’t need to see the gates of
Famous men
But I do try to see the kingdom
Every now and then
If you ask me where it is it’s on a
Humble map
And I know that to enter in the doorway
Show your handicap
And time is burning burning burning
It burns away

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