Goat Guys

The Goat Guys

July 2007: Pencil. Fan art of F.L. Block’s THE GOAT GUYS for a friend’s birthday.

This is a drawing I did of the band The Goat Guys for my friend Rie’s birthday. Their musical group is a fictional band from Francesca Lia Block’s book Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys (from the Dangerous Angels series, also known as the Weetzie Bat series). Ms. Block’s characters always have interesting ways of dressing and acting, so I figured doodling these folks would be a lot of fun. I was right!

Originally I was going to draw them with their instruments, but decided I kind of suck at such things. I also had the idea that I might draw them with their “Goat Guy” costume additions, but I realized I didn’t like what those items did to the characters’ personalities in the book, so I didn’t particularly want to represent them like that. I just drew them how they naturally are.

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