Casual Match

Casual Match

I kind of got the idea from this song that it takes very little to destroy a whole field. One little match can torch the whole thing. This metaphor extends to human relationships. The “very dry field” could be a lonely or unloved person, who is easily abused by the attack of a “match,” or a person who seeks to heat up a relationship too quickly. This can destroy the other person. My picture shows the literal field, perhaps a corn field, and a match waiting to be thrown into it. The little streaks of love on either side show the wish of the “match” to light up the life of the “field,” but the match is incapable of doing so without burning the field down.

Casual Match–lyrics

I only turned to see
What hand had set this inner field alight
Against the flame I see
The outline of a man against a night
Take back your sympathy
I do not need to drink that bitter stuff
I’d rather break the thread
That bound us close, and say we called a bluff
A casual match
In a very dry field
What could be
The season’s yield?
My eyes have gone to coal
It’s nothing I would be concerned about
Observe the moment
When the heat of love becomes the chill of doubt
A casual match
In a very dry field
Fire and ash
Is the season’s yield
We look for a sign
But it is not revealed
Fire and ash is the
Season’s yield

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